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Enterprise IT Support Services

At Point Break We Do IT Right!

When it comes to Technology we strongly believe, Emerging technologies and changing business on the way the operate drives a shift in the role of IT - from advantage technology in support of the business, to the highest strategic goal of protecting and complement business value. Today, it is critical that you have strong IT processes and practices to ensure the alignment of IT and business strategy and to drive excellence through the IT infrastructure and the operations it supports.

From Integrating a cloud platform to Building an IT Infrastructure, to Technology Consulting, to Help Desk Support for your entire organization. We provide the enterprise-level support and solutions for today’s business needs.

Let us become your right IT Partner!


Cloud does not have to be a complicated topic. We can help your business to implement a cloud service from the latest solutions it has to offer, ensuring a smooth deployment and transition.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Your organization can benefit from VDI, to access your desktop securely from anywhere at any time. File Sharing Management. Protect, manage, and safely share sensitive information inside and outside your organization

Office 365 Integration

Think of group collaboration through your company, with Office 365 Take the hassle out of traditional license management and get the power of Microsoft Office anywhere.

Hosted Applications

Do you need to have access to your applications remotely? We have a solution!
Access the applications you need remotely. Share and collaborate your work from anywhere.

File Sharing Management

Protect, manage, and safely share sensitive information inside and outside your organization


The backbone of IT

Point Break has been deploying enterprise-grade infrastructure that can be relied on year after year.

Experience the difference, Experience Quality!


Servers, and Rack installations, virtualization, directory services, DNS, file and application servers.


We know your Data is the most crucial aspect of business intelligence, we manage your database administration, and we can implement a smart strategy for disaster recovery, with high-availability designs, Information management, and performance analyses.


We design the best network infrastructure; we can manage Routers, managed switches, wireless access points (APs), quality of service (QoS), virtual private networks (VPN), NAS/SAN.


At Point Break Solutions we value more than just technology. Our highly skilled engineers are what drives us to develop, and offer our clients customizable-tailored services and strategic solutions to maximize production, flexibility, and sustainability.

We guide you all the way, whether it is project management, business consulting, compliance, documentation, systems analysis, or security auditing has the right people needed to be your trusted advisors.

Technology Consulting:

  • IT performance improvement
  • Business process improvement
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Remediation, troubleshooting, and repair
  • IT infrastructure design and architecture
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Strategic IT Planning and Consulting:

  • Aligning your business objectives to your IT infrastructure
  • Change management
  • Analyzing the ROI on your IT investments
  • Outsourcing cost analysis

IT Security Consulting:

  • Cloud Security
  • Regulatory and Compliance Management
  • Backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Active intrusion protection and detection
  • Security monitoring


Enterprise Grade IT SUPPORT

At Point Break, we value your business we understand and are engrained in your organization. We work continuously to add value to your business, let us handle what we do best the IT stuff. You and your employees can transfer the demand of ongoing application and hardware maintenance and redundancy onto us; we’re ahead of the game in making sure everything runs smoothly with real-time user support that goes beyond devices.

We are available 24 / 7
Monitoring and support at your fingertips

Without the right and responsive support, it's difficult for businesses to get the most out of their technology. That's why we maintain mature and robust support services for all of our client's needs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Instant engineer access, no call backs

Telephone & Remote Support

Annual Health Check

Dedicated Account Manager

Antivirus Management

Optional - Engineer Visits

>Scheduled or unlimited onsite engineer visits available

Optional - Endpoint Management

Manage, monitor, support & report of desktops, laptops, servers & networks

Optional - Patch Management

Ensuring all your system software is automatically kept up to date & secure